Heart and Soul | Live Band

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, be sure to get in contact directly with mauriceheartandsoul@gmail.com

Q: How do I book Heart and Soul for an event?

A: If we are available upon your enquiry we will send a detailed quote which will also contain information about up and coming viewing dates!

Q: Who is the booking coordinator?

A: Maurice is a band member of Heart and Soul and is also the booking coordinator. He will always be available to answer emails and calls promptly. He ensures all bookings are dealt with swiftly and efficiently and without any hassle!

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Heart and Soul offer a high standard of quality music at competitive prices with special reduced rates for seasonal and off-peak times. The fee can be discussed in detail in person.

Q: Is there a deposit required when booking the band?

A: Yes, a deposit of €100 is required for all events. No booking is secure without a deposit.

Q: When do we pay the remaining balance?

A: The remaining balance is paid on the night before the band starts to play.

Q: Does Heart and Soul travel around Ireland?

A: Yes, we travel around Ireland. However there is an additional charge to travel outside of Munster based on mileage. We’ve been to every corner of the World and travelling is never an issue.

Q: What do you play for the First Dance?

A: We will play anything you like for your first dance from our collection of tracks or even from your own CD! We can also play a special request for this dance once we are given a minimum of two weeks notice.

Q: Can a member of my party join your band for a song?

A: Certainly! We will most welcome a special guest to join us on the night. All we need is two weeks notice and we will even accompany them with backing music.

Q: Can you provide a DJ service?

A: Sure! There are many DJs we reccommend and can put you in contact with. However, all dealings will be between you and the DJ directly.

Q: Can you provide music for an afters of the wedding (the next day)?

A: Yes of course we do. That can all be discussed in detail when arranging the music for the wedding day.

Q: Can you play in marquees?

A: Absolutely, once the are adequate power and other facilities available that are needed for the band to play great music.

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